5kg Double Grip Medicine Ball

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5kg Double Grip Medicine Ball. Medicine Balls are an ideal way to add variety to your total body workouts, whether held or tossed you can perform a variety of excercises and work muscles in.

Dual grip medicine balls are the perfect exercise tool for all fitness, cross training, boxing and gym work. Build your resistance levels, endurance and strength. The 5kg double grip medicine ball is an excellent tool for holding exercises when you need that extra weight during a squat or lunge.

Exercising with a medicine ball helps improve your strength, power and flexibility by adding extra resistance. Double-grip or dual-grip medicine balls are designed with a built-in handle on each side.

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Muscle Up at Home: Gear Basics for Your CrossFit Garage Gym – A powder coating also improves the kettlebell grip.

The medicine ball is a powerful remedy for a tight budget. More slam for your spend. Jump rope: Every CrossFit athlete should own a jump rope. It.

Offering all the benefits of the standard Medicine Ball, the 5kg Double Grip increases control and ability to cope with heavier weight. Despite the handles the Double Grip remains a perfect sphere. Ca.

Sallis recommends warming up with a Nike Mobility WOD on the Nike training app, before running through two sets of medicine ball jump thrusters (six-eight.

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