Kettleblock 40 (4-18kg)

Kettleblock 40 (4-18kg) 4 out of 5 based on 40 ratings.

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Offering 4-18kg of weight options in various increments, the Kettleblock 40 replaces the need for 8 individual kettlebells. This product delivers the same fantastic benefits for kettlebell training that the PowerBlock has done for dumbbell training.

L’haltère KettleBlock de 4-18kg remplace l’équivalent de 8 Kettlebells standard de 84 kg et n’occupe qu’ 1/8ème de l’espace. Il est garantie 15 ans pour une utilisation intensive à domicile et 3 ans pour une utilisation semi-professionnelle.

Regulowany kettlebell KettleBlock zastępujący 8 odważników kettlebell o łącznej wadze 73kg. Daje możliwość regulacji wagi w zakresie 4-18kg.

May 14, 2015  · Powerblock Sport 9.0 Stage 2 Add On Kit 23-41kgs. PowerBlock Sport 9.0 Stage 2 Add On Kit 23-41kgs     Add On Stage to Sport 9.0 Stage 1 Dumbells Expands a.

Kettlebells A Kettlebell selection in Cast Iron, Neoprene, Vinyl, PVC and Rubber Coated. Kettlebell sets, for beginner to competition level and their weights ranging from 2kg to 40kg!

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