Excite+ Tv Top Upper Body Trainer (with Seat No Back Rest)

Excite+ Tv Top Upper Body Trainer (with Seat No Back Rest) 4 out of 5 based on 39 ratings.

Designed in Italy, the Top Excite is an upper body ergometer that you can use to tone your arms, gain mass, help prevent joint problems, help improve your posture, or prepare for a sports competition.

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Top can be used from a seated position or standing up. The optional ergonomic seat helps promote proper posture and assists in engaging core, back and shoulder muscles to.

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Technogym Excite+ TV Top Upper Body Trainer (with seat & back rest) Product Code: TGUBETTVSB Step up the game when it comes to upper body workouts with the incomparable usability of the Excite+ TV Top, featuring rotating handles, Bluetooth® connectivity and a trio of specially designed workouts, submaximal tests and maximal tests.

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