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The ab wheel is an inexpensive and seemingly innocuous device that presents quite a challenge. It seems simple enough.

Start with the wheel at your feet, with your arms and legs straight.

Ab Wheel. An abdominal roller might seem like a simple training tool, but as with anything else, quality manufacturing tends to lead to greater performance and more consistent results.

I had 2 herniated discs in my lower back in 1998 and went to physio and they showed me a few exercises to strengthen my back. While I was at the gym working out one day I discovered an ab wheel.

DO NOT do this exercise on your knees – Do it standing as shown in the video above. Start off standing 3 feet or closer to the wall, take your ab wheel and roll forward slowly until you touch and not slam into the wall.; Start off farther away than 3 feet and/or wear a weight vest or book bag with weights placed in it to make this exercise tougher.

The ab wheel is one of the best bang-for-your-buck pieces of exercise equipment you can find. It’s inexpensive, but wildly effective for strengthening your core and tightening your midsection.

Ab Wheel. An abdominal roller might seem like a simple training tool, but as with anything else, quality manufacturing tends to lead to greater performance and more consistent results.

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Below I’ve listed some of the best ab wheel exercises to get your core in tight shape. But first, let’s make sure we’ve mastered basic ab wheel form.

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While “wheeling your way to ripped abs” sounds suspiciously like an infomercial trap, I can assure you it’s anything but. That’s because using an ab wheel will help you perform some of the most challenging core exercises in existence.

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