Leather Weightlifting Belt (xl)

Leather Weightlifting Belt (xl) 5 out of 5 based on 45 ratings.

Ohio made heavy duty belt. The Rogue Ohio Lifting Belt is hand-crafted not to compete with the world of mass-produced, sporting-goods-store weightlifting belts, but to offer a stronger, longer-lasting alternative for customers serious about strength training and investing for the long haul.

The Original Genuine Leather Weight Lifting Belt by Dark Iron Fitness Our leather weightlifting belt is made of genuine quality cowhide leather that won’t break or wear out over time.

Harbinger Padded Leather weightlifting belts offer enhanced comfort with interior foam cushioning and a suede lining. Belts are constructed of genuine leather with a contoured design to snugly fit the body and offer support for heavy lifting and strength training without hindering mobility.

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Additional information when measuring for a weight belt. Weightlifting/Power Lifting Belts are worn well above where you wear your shorts or pants, this means they are worn above the hip bones.

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Rogue Oly Ohio Lifting Belt. Optimized for the needs of the Olympic lifter, this variation on our standard Ohio Lifting Belt features the same 10mm thick, vegetable-tanned leather and single prong design as the original, but with some key adaptations. It starts with the width of the belt, which measures 4” across the back portion (like the standard Ohio Belt), but tapers down to just 2.

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For Olympic lifting, leather and suede options also work, but you could go for a velcro-style belt, like Unbroken Design’s The Classic velcro belt ($85), which some weightlifters prefer for the extra.

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