Diamond Tac Weightlifting Glove With Wrist Wrap Black X Large

Diamond Tac Weightlifting Glove With Wrist Wrap Black X Large 3.5 out of 5 based on 37 ratings.

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Weight lifting straps are another good alternative to gloves and add grip strength while reducing friction and fatigue. Straps loop around your wrist and wrap around the bar. This gives you extra padding, provides balance, distributes the load somewhat differently and allows you to focus your strength on the lift, and not the grip.

Add powerful grip to your weight training routine with the GoFit® Diamond-Tac Weight Lifting Wrist Wrap Gloves. These ergonomically cut gloves feature a padded wrist wrap for superior wrist support. Diamond-Tac technology in the palm provides incredible grip that helps fight hand fatigue.

The GoFit Diamond-Tac Wrist Wrap Gloves offer durable comfort with a confident grip. Amazon.com. GoFit Diamond-Tac Weightlifting Wrist Wrap gloves are the most technologically advanced gloves available today. The exclusive Diamond-Tac gripping pattern.

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I had the wrist wrap version for 3 years now, used for Weightlifting and they’ve last longer than expected. The Diamond-Tac grip is great and I had trouble finding a cycling glove that would stand up to the abuse, that the full glove did.

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